Advanced Powertrain Testing in Engine Test Rooms

Engine test stands are crucial in the automotive industry, enabling research and development departments to test and refine engine designs under various conditions. Through a combination of tests, simulations, and analyses, these facilities enhance engine performance, reliability, and efficiency while ensuring safety and durability over time.

Powertrain Test Stands

Powertrain test stands facilitate a wide range of tests on both electric and internal combustion engines. Advanced testing systems evaluate performance, power, efficiency, and other key operating parameters of powertrains. Moreover, all main components of the propulsion system can be tested and developed, allowing engineers to assess the latest innovations. These test stands simulate specific environmental conditions, pushing engines to their operational limits and beyond while maintaining high safety standards.

Durability and Load Tests

Durability and load tests are essential for ensuring engine resistance and reliability over time. Engine test stands simulate real operating conditions, exposing engines to prolonged stress and variable loads. These tests help identify potential problems or defects that may emerge during daily use.

Transmission Test Bench

In addition to engine tests, test rooms also conduct transmission tests. These tests are crucial for evaluating transmission efficiency and durability, ensuring seamless integration with the engine.

Alma Automotive Powetrain test stands
Alma Automotive transmission test bench

Electric Motor Test Bench

Electric motor test benches feature a key component that distinguishes them from those for combustion engines: the battery simulation. This device simulates the behavior of a battery pack during electric motor tests, enabling the powertrain to be tested in all working conditions without a real battery pack, ensuring maximum safety. The battery emulator allows testing of electric motors with various types of battery cells and configurations, even before a functioning battery pack prototype is available.

Track Lap Simulation

In motorsport, engine test stands can simulate track laps, allowing engineers to evaluate engine performance under extreme conditions such as acceleration, braking, and cornering. This type of testing provides valuable insights for optimizing engine behavior in demanding situations, allowing control strategies to be tested before on-track trials.

Test Beds and Test Rigs

Test beds and test rigs are versatile platforms used for various types of engine and powertrain testing. These setups provide the flexibility to conduct a wide range of tests, from basic performance evaluations to complex durability tests. They are integral to comprehensive engine testing solutions, enabling precise control and measurement of different parameters.

Data Acquisition and Automation in Test Cells

The automation system is a vital tool for test cells. It must be highly flexible and perfectly adaptable to the configurations of the available test systems. This system offers a wide range of functionalities, from real-time management of all actuators to sending requests to external controllers. In addition to speed and torque control, the automation system precisely manages air, oil, water, and fuel conditioning systems and adjusts set points for battery simulations. Furthermore, it allows full control of every component of the test cell, including ventilation, fuel supply, and fire safety devices, both locally and remotely.

Alma Automotive track lap simulation


Engine test stands are fundamental to the automotive industry, enabling the testing and optimization of electric and internal combustion engines under extreme conditions. With advanced technologies and automation systems, these facilities ensure performance, efficiency, and safety. In an era of rapid innovation and sustainability, engine test stands are essential for developing increasingly advanced and reliable vehicles.

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