Progetti di innovazione e diversificazione di prodotto o servizio per le PMI - 2019

Nell’ambito POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse 1 - Azione 1.1.2 Alma Automotive ha sviluppato un modello matematico di freno idraulico, per ottimizzarne il controllo e poter scegliere la macchina elettrica più idonea alla soluzione ibrida.

L’attività di ricerca ha previsto due principali ambiti: da una parte la creazione di un modello matematico del freno idraulico, per ottimizzarne il controllo e poter scegliere la macchina elettrica che meglio si presta all’accoppiamento con il freno idraulico. In secondo luogo la selezione e validazione dei componenti ed il test sperimentale sulla parte idraulica con l’eventuale verifica di funzionalità dell’accoppiamento meccanico previsto tra la macchina idraulica e la macchina elettrica.

Il contributo di 70.184,00€ ha permesso di portare a termine l’attività, realizzando il prototipo funzionante.

Alma Automotive is proud to announce the achievement of  ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification. This goal is not the end of a journey, but the beginning of a process of continuous improvement, with the aim of making Alma Automotive ever more productive, agile and customer-oriented.

Alma automotive partecipated as guest at the "predictive maintenance" event organized by the CLUST-ER MECH.


In this context, Alma Automotive is completing its condition monitoring system.

It is based on artificial neural networks to assess the health of the monitored object, assessing malfunctions before catastrophic failures happen.

The HW is the proven Miracle2 compact (105x85x30mm) system. It can operate both in stand-alone mode for "on-board" applications, or “on-line” mode, connected to a standard PC.

The predictive maintenance aims to report anomalies of the operating parameters of system such as internal combustion engines or electric motors, industrial and energy production machinery (pumps, compressors, turbines, etc.).

Alma Automotive is proud to be one of the main industrial sponsors of UniBoAT (University of Bologna Argonauts Team).

The UniBoAT project was born in October 2019 with the aim of developing a zero-emission propulsion system for a single-seater catamaran. The goal is to participate at the Monaco Solar and Energy Boat Challenge, an international competition to be held on July 6th-10th at the Yacht Club de Monaco, in Montecarlo.

Alma Automotive provides the HW Miracle2 and SW platform to manage the zero-emissions powertrain, enabling optimal control of the energy flows during the different types of races envisaged.


UniBO Magazine

Alma Automotive expands its products portfolio with SirIO the isolated speed signal conditioner.

It is a new module of the mASTRO conditioning system. SirIO is designed for a wide variety of sensors (passive, active, differential, etc) for on-board and test bench application.
Thanks to internal active electronics, SirIO supports a differential input range +/-1V to +/-100V. The typical application is for VRS zero crossing conditioner but can be used to isolate or change potential voltage to digital sensors output.

A dedicated software is provided to configure the conditioner settings.

Alma Automotive, thanks to the acquisition of Borghi&Saveri, improved its engine testing capabilities.
A test cell is available with an AC asynchronous machine. Max power 221kW, max torque 455Nm from 0 to 4636 rpm, max speed 10000rpm.
A second cell is available with a 200kW permanent magnet machine and 600V common DC bus, speed up to 10500RPM.
Up to 3 test cells with engine dynos can be quickly setup, picking one of the engine dynos out of the Borghi&Saveri catalogue: from 3.7kW 20Nm to 1250kW 10500Nm.
Engine dynos test cells, signals acquisition, test automation and emissions measurement can be tailored to customer requirements.

Solidarity is a very important value for Alma Automotive and Borghi & Saveri. The group supports local and global charity initiatives devolving the 5 per thousand of the turnover yearly.

The team at Alma Automotive wishes you Merry Christmas and all the best for a Happy New Year.


Alma Automotive's experience in hardware in the loop systems has been consolidated in over 8 years of activity by creating a significant number of specific applications on customer requests. In the recent years, the demand for powertrains electrification led us to develop HIL systems for high voltage tests with regenerative capability.
The main targets of our systems are power electronics, hybrid and EV powertrain testing, high voltage systems testing and validation, automotive ECU validation, BUS and network interfaces, connectivity and interdependence between vehicle systems.
Check out our HIL specifications and our capabilities!
HIL System                                   Brochure

Alma Automotive is pleased to announce that the new Borghi & Saveri website is online.
It is an important source of information for the customers. The new section “PRODUCTS” shows a detailed catalogue with dynamometers specifications and performance charts.
Despite the current Italian and world situation caused by COVID-19, Alma Automotive and Borghi&Saveri continue to look at the future with enthusiasm and with the confidence that we’ll come out of this crisis stronger than we were before.
Alma Automotive and Borghi&Saveri are looking forward to see you all again face-to-face, but until that time comes, stay safe.

Bologna, October 4th 2019. Alma Automotive, a company active in the field of automation, control and testing in the automotive and industrial sectors, announces the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Borghi & Saveri, a historic manufacturing company of engine test benches.


In business since 1935, Borghi & Saveri has evolved from a manufacturer of weighing instruments to an engine test bench manufacturer, becoming a reference company recognized worldwide for the reliability of its products and the quality of services offered. Thanks to the effective and far-sighted guidance of Giampaolo Borghi, the company managed to successfully navigate the stormy waters of the automotive market, overcoming even the deepest crises.


The acquisition, which happened after a long and fruitful collaboration between the two companies, aims to strengthen the positioning of Borghi & Saveri in an evolving market and in transition to new technologies, while enhancing relations with old time customers, starting with the Motor Valley companies. The process of gradual integration between the two companies will take place in the sign of continuity, thanks also to the contribution of Giampaolo Borghi, which will continue to be a cornerstone and reference point within Borghi & Saveri.

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