Since the beginning of his activity, the Automation area faced different challenges compared to the Automotive sector: high volume productions of very low cost devices, necessity of shared architectures, worldwide connection availability and many others.

Alma Automotive created the Automation division to provide comprehensive consulting and professional services for analysis, design and development of end-to-end SW and HW for IoT applications.

The company develops custom based telemetry apparatus for remote control and automation of mechatronic systems.
Cloud architectures, professional GUI and secure payment systems are also part of Alma Automotive know-how.

Big data analytics consists of 6Cs in the integrated Industry 4.0: 

  • Connection (sensor and networks)
  • Cloud (computing and data on demand)
  • Cyber (model & memory)
  • Content/context (meaning and correlation)
  • Community (sharing & collaboration)
  • Customization (personalization and value)

Alma Automotive IoT systems successfully fulfil the industry 4.0 and
big data analytics requirements.

grafico circolare di colore blu che descrive tutte le possibili applicazioni dell'Internet of Things, come agricoltura, industria, veicoli, sicurezza e sorveglianza, energia eccetera
dettaglio fotografico di ingranaggi di un cambio

The power of Condition Monitoring

Based on Artificial Intelligence, Alma Automotive's WARNN system can help customers to keep under control the health indexes of their own mechatronic apparatus both remotely and during internal test phases

  • Avoid catastrophic failures and their consequential costs and risks
  • Minimize machinery overhaul reducing costs
  • Eliminate unnecessary interventions on properly functioning machinery.
  • Reduce intervention time discovering in advance an incipient failure
  • Allow a better diagnosis on the causes of a failure


Alma Automotive IoT systems are developed to perfectly fit various types of application: beverage dispensing equipments, vending machines, remote EV-battery monitoring systems and test bed facilities are applications already covered by our devices.

  • Statistics: data log, materials consumption per day and cumulative, trends, consumables management for preventive supply
  • Assistance: real time control of the mechatronic system functionality to reduce down-time for maintenance
  • Cost-saving: implementation of “just in time” method and improve quality cost
  • Environment: reduce energy consumption to produce the final products
  • Customization: solutions are ready-to-use and system architectures will be tailored to application needs
illustrazione di industria connessa ad un cloud
illustrazione esemplificativa di grafici di statistiche su cloud


Alma Automotive can help your company to develop custom Graphical User Interfaces for various type of applications, host PC, cloud interfaces and device HMI, to successfully fulfil:

  • User tracking: discovering buying trends and habits for target marketing
  • Consistent brand maintenance to reach clients loyalty
  • Attractive and pleasing interfaces to the eye
  • User experiences based on application
  • Security demands developing reserved areas to prevent wrong settings
  • Easy to use GUI to guarantee simple navigation for all users
  • Customization with suitable colors and images to perfectly suit the application
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