Open source ECU project

The open source ECU is a fully programmable control prototyping system based on the latest National Instruments System On Module (SOM) sbRIO-9651.The Xilinx Zynq™, with its Dual Core ARM® Processor, Artix-7 FPGA on top and 512MB RAM, provides outstanding flexibility, efficiency and accuracy, enabling complex control algorithms and signal processing to be performed. Such top-notch features provided by the National Instruments hardware are then expanded with our in-house designed hardware; the resulting product is an integrated engine and vehicle management system capable to meet the needs of any motorsport application.

A ready-to-use and fully accessible ECU will be provided, containing every single control strategy that has already been developed and successfully implemented both on the UniBo Formula SAE car or on other motorsport applications. The ECU software, both Real-Time and FPGA, will be completely accessible and open, so that you can read, edit or even replace everything you want.

Gasoline (both GDI or PFI) and diesel common rail engines up to 8 cylinders can be controlled. Besides basic control functionalities, it features torque structure based control, electronic throttle control, lambda control, speed limiter, gear cut for sequential gear box, fuel cut off, traction control, launch control, turbo boost control, knock control.

Measurement and Calibration will be possible thanks to its compatibility with any commercial calibration tool (ETAS INCA®, Vector CANape®, ATI Vision®, etc.)* via XCP on CAN and XCP on Ethernet.


Key Features

  • Fully programmable via LabVIEW
  • Open source code available for gasoline and diesel engines
  • Simulink® models integration capability
  • Calibration & Measurements through XCP protocol (CAN or Ethernet)
  • 8 coil and 8 peak&hold injection drivers (up to 10A)
  • 16 DI0, 16 temp inputs, 2A0, 8A/@200kHz. 16Al@10kHz
  • 4xCAN, 2xR5232, USB, Gigabit ETH, WiFi, GPS, IMU
  • 2 wideband + 2 narrowband lambda controllers
  • 32GB nonvolatile SD card memory


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