O₂ Sensor Simulator

Wideband O₂ Sensor Simulator For Ecu Testing

Alma Automotive developed and put in production the first wideband oxygen sensor simulator. It allows for a complete ECU testing solution, enabling closed loop control on the air to fuel ratio. The system is conceived to have an easily connection to any HIL system with a wide choice of controlling buses, without any additional HW. The system is developed for SLSC format or in a stand-alone version. There are two version with two or four independent channels. The model-based control allows to simulate a wide variety of wideband sensors.

The furnished software enables the use of an independent setpoint of air flow ratio and temperature, via analog signals, ethernet bus (stand-alone version) or NI SLSC Bus (SLSC Version). The sensor simulation is complete, both the pumping cell and the reference cell electrical characteristics are integrated in a single simulation. The channel to channel isolation allows to connect multiple UEGO controllers to the single card without grounding and interference issues.


Key Features

  • Available in NI SLSC form factor or Stand Alone version
  • 2 or 4 independent channels versions available
  • Complete simulation in a single module, no additional hardware required
  • Independent Air to Fuel Ratio and Temperature Setpoint
  • Stand Alone version: setpoint via Analog Signals or Ethernet bus
  • SLSC Version: setpoint via Analog Signals or NI SLSC Bus
  • Model based control allows to simulate a wide variety of Wideband Sensors
  • Easy to install in existing HIL systems, self protected and reliable operation


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