Powertrain Testing

Alma Automotive, together with Borghi & Saveri, designs and provides customer tailored solutions for powertrain testing, including turnkey engine test cells equipped with hydraulic, eddy current and dynamic (asynchronous or permanent magnet motors) dynamometers.

The test cell automation and acquisition software is based on National Instruments VeriStand, offering to the final user the possibility of implementing real-time code using compiled Simulink/LabVIEW models. The use of an open software platform for the Test Cell management facilitates the interactions with ECU and Combustion Analysis systems.

lavoratori all'opera all'interno di una sala prove
computer all'interno di una sala prove. Grafici e immagini del sistema di automazione.

Engineering services include the development of automatic calibration procedures, with the possibility of interacting with Electronic Control Units using several calibration management applications (INCA, CANape, Sysma, Vision…). The interaction between the Test Automation System, the Combustion analyzer and the calibration management system can be carried out using CAN, XCP, iLinkRT, creating automatic calibration procedures. ECU strategies can be bypassed (e.g.,using ilinkRT, or CAN), with algorithms running on Real-Time platforms.

Open engine control unit SPARK is available to run the engine with custom control software.

Engineering services can be provided to manage the post processing of sampled data using Matlab, LabVIEW, Diadem, Wintax, INCA MDA, Concerto, or other standard automotive tools.


  • One cell dedicated to full-electric powertrains tests, equipped with 400V-800V battery simulator.
  • One hybrid test cell with a 200kW Permanent Magnet machine and 600V common DC bus, speed up to 10500RPM.
  • One cell available for traditional engines with an AC asynchronous machine, (max Power 221kW, max Torque 455Nm from 0 to 4636 rpm, max speed: 10000 rpm).
  • Up to other 3 test cells can be quickly setup for internal combustion, hybrid and full-electric engines (equipped with modular battery simulator) picking one of the engine dynos out of the Borghi&Saveri catalogue: from 3.7kW 20Nm to 1250kW 10500Nm
  • Engine test cells design and turnkey customer tailored solutions delivered to the customers
  • Engine testing services (with test bench operators and engineers):
  • Performance evaluation
  • Engine and engine components development, durability tests
  • Driving cycles and track laps simulation
  • Engineering and technical support availability
  • Engine calibration
  • Combustion systems development
  • Rapid Control Prototyping
  • Battery Simulator for eV testing (HW and SW model) available
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struttura con sala prove. tre persone camminano guardando la cella di test.

Engine dynos test cells, signals acquisition, test automation and emissions measurement
can be tailored to customer requirements.


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