Rapid control prototyping

Alma Automotive has matured insightful experience in ECU simulation and prototyping. In particular we offer our customers the possibility to implement a V-ECU (Virtual Engine Control Unit) in short time scale. We are capable of developing RCP systems for functional bypass and new strategies validation as well.

The three main levels of intervention can be defined as:

Parallel ECU: the unit based on National Instruments hw/sw works in parallel with the original ECU. This allows the implementation of functions that the original ECU cannot manage

ECU bypass: a single function or a group of functions can be implemented on National Instruments hw/sw, while the main controller (ECU) remains active

ECU Full-pass: a complete engine control system is implemented on National Instruments hw/sw (Compact RIO or Single-Board RIO). Strong of our long term experience in engine testing, we are able to offer solutions that are individually tailored to our customers needs.

Rapid Control Prototyping systems can be implemented on MIRACLE, our in-house designed Micro Rapid Controller & Logging Environment or on SPARK, our open-source ECU. Very compact and rugged, our platforms are equipped with comprehensive I/O, fast processor running a RTOS and FPGA. Both systems are powered by National Instruments sbRIO and they are programmable in Labview.

case studies

Driver AID

  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-configure host interface
  • Data acquisition
  • Configurable logger functions (MEMO, post-mortem, etc.)
  • Actuators management and feedback control (clutch, gearbox, brakes, etc)
  • Limit values monitoring and alarms management
  • User defined variables, based on algebraic operations on input/costants
  • Automatic test management
  • Graphical representation of acquired variables 
  • Signals plausibility assessmen
  • Interface support with external measurement devices
  • Possibility of developing ad hoc functionalities, even if not defined in the initial specification requirements 

ECU by-pass

  • The ECU is set to receive SA corrections from an external unit
  • A cRIO (or PXI) running HeatIT is used to analyze the combustion process
  • An optimization tool running in RT or in host changes SA according to IMEP, Knock indexes, exhaust tempertaure, …
  • The approach can be used for on-line evaluation/calibration of control/diagnostic algorithms (misfire detection, knock detection, torque estimation …)

ECU full-pass

  • FormulaSAE & tractor pulling ECUs developed on National Instrument platforms
  • The control system is designed starting from a white sheet
  • Base control algorithms (AFR control) and advanced  functions (traction control, water injection) developed in LabVIEW RT/FPGA
  • Control the entire vehicle (engine and vehicle strategies + vehicle sensor data) with a single ECU thanks to FPGA's high frequency loop execution, NI's modularity and flexibility
  • High level signal elaboration with Real-Time module
  • Calibration/telemetry interfaces accessible from host-pc

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