Test management and automation

The automation system developed by Alma Automotive is highly flexible and perfectly adapts to the configurations of available test systems. This tool offers a wide range of functionalities, from real-time management of all actuators to the simple sending of requests to external controllers. In addition to controlling speed and torque with precision, the system is capable of accurately managing air, oil, water, fuel conditioning systems, and set-points for battery emulators. Furthermore, it allows for complete control of every component in the test facility, including ventilation, fuel supply, and fire safety devices, both locally and remotely.

The test control software developed by Alma Automotive is based on National Instruments' cutting-edge software environment called VeriStand. This software allows for the configuration of automated procedures to control devices, efficient data acquisition, management of channels (including scaling, alarms, and mapping), and the creation of calculated channels. Moreover, it provides the capability to execute simulation models based on platforms such as Simulink® and LabView®.

What makes Alma Automotive's solution unique is its use of a standard interface like VeriStand, enriched with customized models and components. This solution is highly versatile, functioning seamlessly in both Real-Time and PC host environments. Thanks to this flexibility, Alma Automotive offers a comprehensive and reliable solution for test control and automation, ensuring high-quality results and increased efficiency in the development and testing process.

Main benefits

Automation plays a crucial role in supporting various phases of the testing and calibration process, both in static and dynamic conditions. When applied to a test bench, the automation system developed by Alma Automotive proves to be particularly advantageous for several reasons, including:

  • Extreme Flexibility: The system easily adapts to the layout of the existing test system, allowing for highly customizable control over a wide range of components and devices, from engines to ventilation.
  • Broad Compatibility: The control software is compatible with widely used calibration tools in the industry, including INCA®, CANape®, and Sysma®, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.
  • Testing Efficiency: Thanks to its capability to execute simulation models based on Simulink® and Labview®, the system optimizes testing efficiency, enabling automated procedures and accurate data acquisition.
  • Remote Control: The ability to remotely manage every component of the test facility, including safety devices and power supply, provides a higher level of control and operational safety.
  • Enhanced Standard Interface: By utilizing the enriched VeriStand standard interface with customized models, Alma Automotive offers a comprehensive and versatile solution that operates seamlessly in both Real-Time and PC host environments, ensuring greater adaptability and user-friendliness.

The application is always tailored to the customer's needs, and since the source code is available, the customer can independently manage system customization and evolution, maintaining full autonomy.


The dyno bench control system is based on hardware platforms compatible with NI Real-Time software.

Hardwarewise, several options can be chosen, depending on the application: cRIO, PXI or MXI+PC-RT. In the latter case, the Real-Time OS runs on a high performance’s desktop PC, connected to the Chassis containing the I/O Modules via MXI Express BUS interface. Finally, the Host PC is connected via Ethernet to the Real-Time controller, offering a user interface for tests management and monitoring.


The test bench software is divided in two parts:

  • Logical: the test bench code, included in the System Definition File, that is the focal point of the VeriStand Project and all the custom pieces of code that increase VeriStand’s native features, such as simulation models, custom devices, custom tools, ecc… Moreover, this section includes also the profile generator tool, useful to create and edit automatic tests that can run in Real-Time, replaying complex profiles on bench outputs.
  • Interface: the front panel that allows the operator to safely monitor and manage the test bench.
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