Sanitization activities currently dominate 60-80% of technical service field operations, exclusively handled by technicians due to the operation's complexity, health risks associated with sanitizer solutions, and the inability to monitor crew actions.

This situation presents a clear trade-off for businesses. On one hand, increasing technical visits can ensure the best quality of sanitization services, but it may lead to higher operational costs and resource constraints. On the other hand, expanding dispensing installations geographically and reaching low-volume outlets can improve efficiency but might compromise the consistency and quality of sanitization.

Finding the right balance is crucial. Introducing innovative solutions, like automated monitoring systems and safer sanitization technologies, could mitigate health risks and improve efficiency while maintaining high-quality standards. Businesses need to strategically assess their priorities and leverage advanced techniques to strike a harmonious equilibrium between optimal sanitization outcomes and operational effectiveness.

The solution

These challenges have paved the way for Hi-ClO, a real game-changing solution of Celli Group based on a Gate srl technology, engineered with Alma Automotive and UQIDO.

Hi-ClO offers an effective remedy to the challenges faced by traditional sanitization methods, making it a promising innovation for the future of technical services by reducing dependency on manual interventions.

Hi-ClO optimizes resource allocation and improves overall efficiency in the sanitization process, eliminating health hazards and empowering businesses to maintain consistent disinfection standards.

The Alma Automotive crew designs and produces all the electronic parts dedicated to the digitalization of the Celli group equipment. The Company’s products are the key elements between the drink dispenser machines and cloud data analytics.


Hi-ClO is eco-friendly, stronger in respect to actual solution and safe.

  • No consumable product
  • No maintenance needed
  • Not dangerous sanitizing agent if ingested

The electronics inside the Hi-ClO allows the system to be connected in two different ways:

  • Bluetooth grants the system connection with the control APP, which allows technicians to start the sanitation and control all the parameters related to it.

  • 4G cellular network consents the Hi-ClO to send data to the cloud platform, which holds the technical settings for the systems and keeps all the information for data analytics.
Hi-ClO device, white box with leds on the upper part and water and sanitizer inlet and outlet pipes
smartphone application to control the sanitization device
  • Cloud defines the sanitization parameters
  • The App launches the procedure and sends instructions to the Devices
  • The Device manages the procedure
  • The Device sends the outcome to the App
  • App sends the outcome to the Cloud
  • Remote alarm system for users and supervisors
  • Custom setting analytics on outlet performances
  • Remote support
data displayed on cloud

Celli Group and Uqido

Celli Group is a global leader in the field of beverage dispensing systems and accessories for beer, soft drinks and water. With almost 1000 employees and located near Rimini, Celli runs 10 manufacturing plants in Italy, France, Spain and the UK, and has sales offices in Germany, Singapore, Brazil, and the United States, selling its products to over 100 countries worldwide. The Group is recognised by its clients for its innovation, digital capabilities, design, quality as well as for a strong ESG push. The Group has acquired the Italian software house Uqido in July 2022 with the aim to lead the digital and technological transition of the beverage industry, providing the dispensing world with new digital interaction and consumer experiences. Founded in 2010, Uqido is an Italian excellence based in Padua and Milan which operates in the ICT and new technologies sector. With its team of 30 developers, it specialises in four main business lines - IOT, Augmented and Virtual Reality, AI solutions and ERP platforms - accompanying companies and partners towards Digital Transformation paths through advanced engineering projects.

Beverage companies do not know the exact dynamics that involve their own products in the so-called "last mile".

The question is: when, how, and who is pouring a drink?

Over more, the increasingly need to monitor the operating status of the equipment, implementing predictive maintenance algorithms and measuring the performance levels of the individual components, leads towards the use of connected technologies.

The Alma Automotive solution

Long time experience in high demanding manufacturing sectors, let Alma Automotive be the perfect partner for multiple services, from professional engineering consulting up to a complete electronic systems design.

To support the upcoming “digital revolution”, Celli Group decides to entrust the design and production of their electronic systems applied on the “smart" beverage equipment to Alma Automotive, while developing in house a complete cloud based solution for OTA management and Analytics.

“The experience developed in highly technological sectors makes Alma Automotive to be a crucial partner for the success of our architectures.”

Daniele Ceccarini, Group Technical Director - Celli Group.

A close-knit group of R&D Electronics Engineers have been dedicated to the activity, leading Celli Group to reach a full-proprietary architecture called Celli Digital Solutions and conduct several field-tests, in very short time, then launching mass production.

The innovative IoT electronic platform engineered by Alma Automotive, is leveraged by Celli Group in several industries as water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Celli Digital Solutions is in making dispensing systems “smart” by allowing them to collect and send data to a processing system to obtain valuable information on the equipment’s status, on the quality of the dispensed beverage, and on consumption habits.

It is possible to monitor in real time the status of installations, consumption, offer management, promotions, price and payments, promptly and effectively managing service and maintenance on all the installed base. This is an efficient solution from a management stand point but above all from an eco-sustainable one.

Celli Digital Solutions provides remote control over all the host systems through the ability to check the perfect conditions of the equipment at all times, or to take immediate action in case of problems. It therefore allows to leverage on huge potentials and to achieve true competitive advantages, including: sharp reduction of downtimes, limited on-site interventions, optimal spare part supply management.

QR code and NFC tag reader, touch screen, UVC led, and many other components for collecting data and creating a totally customised experience.

“The great dynamism of the R&D team dedicated to our company has proven that Alma Automotive is ready to follow us on the path of innovation in total synergy”

Cesare Schiatti, Digital Business Developer Manager - Celli Group

Celli Group

Celli SpA was created in Rimini in 1974, dedicated to the world of beverage dispensing and cooling. In 2009 the company was in a strong growth phase and hence moved to its current headquarters in San Giovanni in Marignano. In 2013, the Celli family then sold part of the company shares to the Italian private equity fund Consilium. This step projected the company towards great new challenges of expansion and internationalization, transforming a company that is already a leader in the sector of drink and beer dispensing equipment into a virtuous and established multinational company, which today is known as the Celli Group.

Benefitting from the direct experience of its founders, Celli immediately developed a customer-oriented approach. Having a company vision that is always attentive to innovation and technology has led to constant investments in research and development to create increasingly performing and efficient products. These products are, at the same time, sustainable and able to meet the needs of users. Two decisive aspects that have always guided the company: the reduction of the environmental impact that the plants produce and the experimentation of material and components. The R&D team's constant commitment of the Celli Group team has given concrete results. This includes over 30 patents developed in the last 20 years and great results achieved in the use of sustainable materials and substances in its new product line. All this has been achieved without sacrificing excellent performance. Today, the Celli products are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide.

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